Sensory Types – The Seeker

sensory types seeker

In this post we’ll be exploring the Sensory Type know as The Seeker in more detail (I suggest reading this overview of the sensory types first, if you haven’t already). The name of this type, and the image I’ve chosen to go with the post, should give you a good instinctual feel for what the sensory … Read more

What’s Your Sensory Type?

sensory type avoider

What’s your sensory type? Did you even know such a thing existed? I didn’t until I started researching more about the senses, and I’m a geeky, nerdy, walking encyclopedia! Boy do I wish I’d known about this stuff years ago, life would have made so much more …. yep, sense! You may be thinking that … Read more

The Violet Earthquake – What African Violets Can Teach Us About Blossoming

African violets are a plant that will forever remind me of my grandmother-in-law. She always had them filling her windowsills, in various stages of propagation. When she died, almost 20 years ago, the only things we wanted of Nan’s were: A little red plastic foot stool that she used to reach up into her cupboards, … Read more

Yawn Power

We all know, at least theoretically, how powerful our beliefs are. We’ve probably all had the experience of trying to break a habit, so have direct experience of how incredibly hard that can be. We all carry a set of internal beliefs about ourselves, most likely planted in childhood, that we find impossible to free … Read more