Make Your Own Chocolate – 9 module course


Make Your Own Chocolate is the ultimate chocolate making course – you can create your own chocolate, from scratch, if you use the raw chocolate recipes, or you can use shop bought chocolate instead, it’s completely up to you.

In this fabulous 9 module course, I share my years of experience as an award winning raw chocolatier. I make it fun and easy enough for children to have a go too.

This year, why not make everyone a gift they’ll adore? Home made chocolate is the ultimate eco friendly, space saving gift. And, if you make raw chocolate, it’s healthy too! Though no one would ever know as it tastes utterly divine and completely decadent. They’ll all be wanting you to teach them how you make your own chocolate.

You’ll even learn how to make hollow Easter Eggs as well as a creme egg, in the bonus Easter module.

All recipes are suitable for vegans, coeliacs, and nut allergy sufferers, but you can of course tweak the recipes to suit your particular tastes and needs

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Module 1:

1. Chocolate Basics
2. White Chocolate
3. Coloured Chocolate with food dyes
4. Coloured Chocolate with superfoods
5. The Magic of Vanilla

Module 2:

1. Simple Moulded Chocolates
2. Chocolate Bark
3. Chocolate Crisps
4.Rocky Road Bites

Module 3:

1. Chocolate Dipped Fruit
2. Date Chocolate Eclairs
3. Chocolate Dipped Biscuits

Module 4:

1. Ganache Truffles
2. Brownie Truffles
3. Cake Truffles

Bonus Module 1:

1. Ice Chocolate
2. Banoffee Caramel
3. Caramel
4. Brownie Caramel Truffle
5 Ganache Caramel Truffle

Bonus Module 2:

1. Hollow Easter Egg
2. Creme Egg