Pockets of Pleasure Podcast Show Notes

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Pockets of Pleasure is a weekly podcast from The Sensory Coach that discusses ways to reignite the magic of your senses to create a more joyful, pleasure fuelled life.

Below you’ll find links to the show notes for each episode that includes a transcript, musical extras, links, reading suggestions and anything else that feels relevant.

As new episodes are published they’ll appear here.

Current Episodes

Season 1


Episode 1 

in which we discover what pockets of pleasure are, how to incorporate them into your life, why anticipation can increase your feelings of joy, and why balance and comfort zones aren’t necessarily your friends in the search for a good life.

Episode 2 

in which you’ll discover why Pockets of Pleasure isn’t an invitation to unrestrained hedonism, and how we can engage our inner senses in the search for these micro-moments of joy and delight.

Episode 3 

In which we dig into what self compassion is, why it’s so important and how you can cultivate more of it in your daily life. You can also grab the free Self Compassion Advent Cards on this page.

Episode 4 

in which we take an introductory exploration into sound, leaning heavily into the healing power of silence.

Episode 5 

in which we take an introductory exploration into the sense of smell, looking into how scent can help us sleep and why synthetic fragrances are damaging our health.

Episode 6
in which we explore the surprising secrets of our sense of taste and discover how becoming a taste detective can not only free you from manipulative marketing, but lead you towards a life filled with a deeply satisfying sense of joy.
Episode 7
in which we delve into personal rituals and how they can help to create a better life for ourselves and those around us, and how self care can help us escape from escapism.
Episode 8

in which we explore life tracking; what it is, how it can help you to create a life filled with more joy, understanding and self-compassion, and, of course, how to start doing it. 

Episode 9

in which we begin to explore the Sensory Types, and I make a bold statement about how knowing yours can change your life!

Episode 10

In the tenth episode, we look at how the different types behave in relationships,  how knowledge of the sensory types can help to ease relationships of all kinds and even save you money!