Well hello and welcome to The Sensory Coach! My name is Techla and I’ll be your guide on the journey to getting to know your senses.

To help you along your way, this page will lead you through the key areas of the site. Are you ready? Let’s get started then!

PS: you are the explorer, so do feel free to step off the suggested path. There are no dragons here, wander as you will, Sensory Traveller!

Step 1

Maximum investment: 10 minutes

Up there in the tool bar you’ll see a little plus sign (+). If you click on that it’ll open up the side bar which contains all sorts of good things. Here’s what you need to know:

Yogi Wisdom: a fun little random message generator. It might give you pause for thought, encouragement or even have you scratching your head in confusion! There are over 250 messages, so if you don’t like the one you get, you can always ask for another one! If you want to go deep into the whys and wherefores of this little webtoy you can read this post.

Kate Bush – A Sensual World video: If there’s a better soundtrack for this website then I don’t know what it is! Put the video on full screen, turn the volume up and sink into the velvety richness which Queen Kate is so brilliant at creating. My hope is that it’ll leave you feeling wonderfully, fluidly in your body, enjoying all that your senses have to offer.

What Do You See? – A scene from the film Chocolat: I adore this film, and this scene sums up so much of the essence of it, and my hopes for what this site will offer. There will be a longer post about the importance of Chocolat, but it’s currently a work in progress.

Magic Monday – Sign up for a weekly sprinkling of magic into your inbox. You’ll also receive my 10 Ways to Add Magic to Your Day pdf.

Step 2

maximum investment: 2 minutes

The Sensory Types Quiz – this fun quiz can shine a light on how your senses show up in your daily life. This isn’t as straight forward as you might think, and the results may surprise you.

Step 3

maximum investment: 5 minutes + (depending on how your senses take to shop browsing!)

The Sensory Gift Shop – lots of lovely sensory gifts to be found here, from a scrumptious chocolate making course, to bath salts and essential oil blends that will romance your soul and delight your senses! There’s even a unique oracle healing to explore. New products will be added regularly, so to keep up to date with what’s in store, sign up for Magic Monday in the side bar.

Step 4

maximum investment: I wouldn’t dare to guestimate this one!

The Blog – meander through my ponderings. If you read nothing else, then I’d recommend these two posts:

First, Know Thyself

Reiki, Magic and The Senses

Oh, and if you feel so inclined, why not see what you think of The Manifesto?

And that’s the end of the guided wander through this website. Check back regularly, and if you want to step beyond the confines of the website, you can always follow me on Instagram.