Ayni Secrets: The Allergy Friendly Chocolate Making Course


Ayni Secrets is the fabulous allergy friendly chocolate making course where you get to make delicious treats like this for EVERYONE you know, no matter what food allergies, intolerances or dietary choices they might have!


Yes, that means if you’re vegan, paleo or have a shed load of allergies, you’ll be able to create something amazing that is not just safe, but truly delicious too!


Broken into 8 modules (plus an expanding bonus module) the course will take you from being a complete chocolate novice to an advanced level creator of delicious chocolate confections!


The course is made up of PDFs and videos with a facebook group for extra support and encouragement.


Find details of the course contents in the description below and check out the Ayni Secrets hashtag on Instagram to see what some of the course participants have been making.



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Buy the course and you will be able to make all of these… and more!

Tell Me More!

Ayni Secrets: The Allergy Friendly Chocolate Course is the perfect way to learn to create out of this world, deliciously decadent, allergy friendly chocolate treats for all occasions.

You’ll get the benefit of my years of chocolate making skills, without all the trials and errors

By the end of the course you will be able to create a fabulous range of luxurious, bespoke chocolates that can be customised to suit pretty much all dietary needs (unless you’re allergic to chocolate, in which case, what are you doing here? Stop torturing yourself!)

The course is suitable for those with allergies or special dietary requirements such as vegans. And if you’re lucky enough not to have any dietary restrictions to worry about, this course will be absolutely perfect for you too – you’ll have way more options available to you!

Foundation Module: Chocolate Basics

  1. Basic Chocolate
  2. White Chocolate
  3. Coloured Chocolate 1
  4. Coloured Chocolate 2
  5. The Magic of Vanilla (added bonus)

As well as learning to make these different chocolates at home, you will learn how to calculate cacao percentages; the difference between cacao and cocoa; along with some insider secrets of the commercial chocolate industry.

Module 1: Barks and Bites

  1. Simple Moulded Chocolates
  2. Chocolate Bark
  3. Chocolate Crisps
  4. Rocky Road

Module 2: Fruity Favourites

  1. Dipped Fruit
  2. Date Eclairs
  3. Dipping Biscuits (added bonus)

Module 3: Melt in the Mouth Truffles

  1. Ganache Truffles
  2. Brownie Truffles
  3. Yorkshire Parkin Truffles (or any cake that takes your fancy)

Module 4: Florentines and Rochers

  1. Florentines
  2. Rochers

Module 5: Fancy Fondants

  1. Aquafaba fondants
  2. Fancy decorated fondants

(Included in the PDF are several alternative fondant recipes)

Module 6: Christmas Puddings and Filled Chocolates

  1. Chocolate Puddings
  2. Decorating the Puddings
  3. Chocolate Shell #1
  4. Chocolate Shell #2


  1. My super secret, signature chocolate filling for banoffee bites
  2. Dairy free caramel
  3. Caramel brownie truffles
  4. Ice Chocolate

Bonus Easter Module

  1. creme eggs
  2. hollow Easter eggs

Extra content will be added throughout the lifetime of the course.


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