Self Compassion Blend

I’d like to introduce you to my signature aromatherapy blend ‘self compassion’.

Like this shell, we’re all a bit broken by our experiences in life. We tend to focus on the cracks and imperfections, forgetting that, at our core, we are strong, resilient and flawlessly beautiful.

This blend has been created to help us remember who we really are; the person who is underneath the anxiety, depression and ptsd.

Created in the first instance for myself, this is such a beautiful blend it had to be the first one I released as an aromatherapist.

Containing 5 carefully chosen oils and blended with fractionated coconut oil, this version of the blend is suitable for topical application.

The bottle contains a rose quartz chip, connecting this offering to the popular,  and powerful, chocolate meditation kit I created a couple of years ago. It also adds some extra self compassion and love to the mix through the magic of crystal therapy.

Every bottle is sent off with a reiki blessing dedicated to the recipient – a mini distance healing.


The 10ml rollerball contains:

Cocos nucifera (fractionated coconut) oil, Citrus sinensis (orange) oil, Vanilla planifolia (vanilla) bean extract, Pelargonium graveolens roseum (rose geranium) oil, Cananga odorata (ylang ylang) oil, Litsea cubeba (May Chang) oil, rose quartz chip.

Directions for use:

Apply to the wrists and inhale. You may want to create a calming mini ritual around the use of the oil, which will help train your brain to associate the aroma with a sense of peace, calm and gentle self compassion.

Below is a mudra which you may like to use along with the oil blend. The Shanka Mudra assists us in feeling reassured that we are safe and well, and encourages inner nourishment.

Self Compassion Blend Mudra


For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant, or taking medication for diabetes, consult your healthcare practitioner before use. If skin irritation arises, clean the area with a carrier oil and discontinue use.