The Sensory Coach

sensory consultancy starter package from the sensory coach

Creating a workplace environment tailored to your employees’ sensory needs can help your business thrive in an ever-changing world.

Implementing simple sensory hacks can increase job satisfaction and self-reported general well-being, leading to increased productivity whilst reducing the costs associated with employee turnover and sick days.

The Sensory Coach’s Workplace Starter Package includes:

* A tailor-made, employee questionnaire addressing your company’s specific situation.

* Employee Sensory Type reports that help your employees to understand their own sensory needs, and that offer simple sensory hacks they can implement with ease.

* A detailed employer’s report which includes:

     1: A breakdown of the percentage of sensory types within your workplace and how to best utilise that information.

     2: Each employee’s sensory type – this will help you to develop better workplace relationships and optimise productivity. 

  3: A breakdown of any hotspots that show up consistently across the questionnaires.

* Sensory optimisation recommendations based on the employee questionnaire results.


Next Steps

Once you’ve received your reports, we can discuss options for further support with implementation, if required.