Happy ‘End of the Challenge, and Start of a New Beginning’ Day to you!

I hope that today finds you feeling filled with love and channelling that lady with the enigmatic smile.

Today you get to use some, or all, of the prompts from the challenge to create the perfect day for you.

Give yourself as many hugs as you want or need, listen to your playlist, read your love letter, gaze over your oases of romance, wear your favourite date clothes, indulge your taste buds with the food and drink that makes you feel fabulous!

The prompts have been ingredients for a recipe to create a day to cherish yourself. The magic of this recipe is that you can pick and choose the ingredients that work best for you; mix them up however you like to create the perfect dish for you!

You deserve to feel like the very finest version of yourself. You are worth the time and effort. You are enough just as you are. May you glow like the shining star you are. xx

I wanted to share some photos that I took to demonstrate a thought that I woke up with the day before this challenge started.

I’d been thinking a lot about  the difference between the version of us that desires input from someone other than ourselves,and the version that glows with that magical inner light that can only come from inside ourselves. 

When I woke up I found myself thinking about houses in the winter! Random or what? Well, maybe not… see what you think.

I love walking home in the dark in the winter, seeing all the houses where someone is home; the lights are on, maybe there’s a fire burning, if it’s near Christmas the lights from a tree might be twinkling too. It’s cosy and welcoming, and you can imagine that wonderful welcoming feeling of coming home.

Then there are the fancy houses that have floodlights shining up at them, but the windows are all in darkness, nobody’s home.

The final prompt then is for you to ponder which type of light calls to you most? The one that’s lit up from the inside, or the one that’s lit up from the outside? (I mean, ideally we’d have both, right?!)

For me it’s absolutely the one that’s shining a light from the inside out.

The one that has lights shining from the outside in feels hollow and empty.

It occurred to me that it’s the same for us – if we are lit up from the inside, that light exudes out of us as confidence, contentedness, gentle knowing. But if the only light we have comes from an outside source – someone shining their light upon us – well it’s rather empty and hollow, and we have no control over when the light gets switched off, leaving us in darkness.

These are the thoughts I had in mind before I started creating this challenge; everything I’ve shared with you has come from the question: ‘how do we light ourselves up?’

I hope that you’ve got a sense of that throughout these 10 days, and I hope that the prompts have helped to act as a sort of tinderbox for your inner fire.

My final offering for you in this challenge is a binaural beats guided journey I created with this inner light in mind. Just one thing… whatever you do, listen to it only with headphones. If you listen through speakers it sounds absolutely dreadful, the headphones are where the magic lies!


What about after the challenge?


Of course, the real challenge is only just beginning; can we keep that inner light burning, growing brighter, without a daily prompt to remind us? It’s my deepest wish that we can, because the more of us who can shine that light out to the world, the more loving and welcoming a place it will be. That’s the real love potion, the true magic.


Do share your insights in the forum.

Yogi Wisdom and Mantra for Day 10


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