Today I’d like you to do something that might seem a tad cheesy – but you show me a classic romance that doesn’t have a strong formaggio element to it! Isn’t it amazing how even cheese sounds swoon worthy in Italian?

I’d like you to write a love letter to yourself, and, if possible, to send it to yourself so that it arrives tomorrow.

Get flowery, get poetic, get racy if you like, just write the letter. If it helps, write it as though you were writing to a lover, imaginary or flesh and blood.

You might find it easier to do this if you’ve created a romantic mood before hand. You’ve now got lots of tools to help you do that: maybe give yourself a hug, gaze into your eyes in the mirror and pop on your playlist, then sit down to write.

There are only three rules: be kind, be complimentary, be loving.

If you want to send yourself a gift of flowers or chocolates or whatever takes your fancy, then do it! I decided to send myself some succulents because they’ll last longer than flowers and also because succulent is such a scrumptious word that describes rather well how I want to feel,  so they felt like a great visual reminder.

If this prompt makes you feel uncomfortable, sit with the discomfort for a few moments and then do it anyway. Watch the video in the first pre challenge page if you need some inspiration and encouragement. The time is NOW.

Yogi Wisdom and Mantra for Day 9

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