Today I want you to give some thought to your wardrobe. 

How does it make you feel? 

Can you dive in and pull out a variety of items that make you feel fabulous? Or do you find that it’s like looking through an old photo album filled with bad memories?

If you were going on your ideal date (with yourself or A.N. Other) what would you wear? 

Would it be something flouncy and feminine? 

Would it be polished and smart? 

Would it be comfy and casual? 

Hone in on all the details – would you accessorise your outfit? If so how? 

What would you choose to wear on your feet? Really go to town on imagining this outfit.

Once you’ve got the image in mind, consider how it makes you feel. 

How do you move? 

What’s your posture like? 

What expression are you wearing? 

What do you sound like as you move across the room? 

How do you smell? 

What textures can you feel against your skin? 

Do you like what you’re picturing?

Who are you dressing for? 

Does the answer to that question alter how you’d dress? 

Does it change how you feel?

Think back and recall the times when the way you were dressed made you feel completely joyful and alive.

What was it that made you feel that way? Are there any similarities between the memories?

Now get curious. Was it the clothes that made you feel that way, or was it how you made yourself feel by taking the time to pay attention and affection to yourself? 

Was it a combination of factors? 

There are no right or wrong answers, it’s all just information that you can use to get into a state of loving self awareness. That information can then help you to create the right conditions for the way you want to feel. And if you’ve got a bunch of clothes in your wardrobe that make you feel a million miles away from good…maybe it’s time to let them go.

I’m off to have have a clear out!

Yogi Wisdom and Mantra for day 8

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