Day 3 is probably my favourite – though I am undoubtedly biased as I’m a certified sound healer, and this prompt is very much about the power of music to affect how we feel. 

I’m hoping that you’re going to find this fun, as well as another great tool for your self love toolkit.

Your challenge for today is to create a romancing the soul soundtrack.

There’s a  bonus module about the romance of the mix tape that you might want to check out before reading on.


Today’s technology gifts us with the ability to quickly create multiple playlists; we can theme them around particular moods, seasons or celebrations and then call them up on an ipod, or an app on our phone in an instant. 

I’ve got lots of self made ones on my ipod that I can rely on to sing out my anger, to get me feeling happy, to keep me company through mundane chores, even to bring on a good old weeping session!

Your challenge here is to create a playlist of songs that aren’t necessarily romantic in the classic love song sense, but that give you the feeling that you’re looking for, which in this case is a strong, confident woman who feels good about who she is! 

You don’t want to collect songs (for this challenge at least) that make you feel low, or pull you into bittersweet memories – absolutely NO bad or painful memories allowed!

The beauty of this prompt is that any time you slip into feeling like the lady in the first photo, the power of music can magically transform you into the lady in the second photo. 

And because we all carry an entire world of music in our pockets or bags, you have access to that mood lifting magic any time, any where.

Have fun!

Yogi Wisdom and Mantra

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