Today’s prompt is light. If you follow me on my personal instagram account, you’ll know just how much I love light play. I am somewhat addicted to capturing the shadows and light that dance across the surfaces of my home.

I’m not quite sure exactly why I find it so fascinating, but I think it’s got something to do with the fleetingness of these moments. They can be gone in just a second, never to return in quite the same way again.

I suppose, if we were to get all D&M about it,  we could perhaps say that they speak to the human condition. Or summat.

They can be beautiful and puzzling and just plain fun.

Take last night as an example: my youngest spotted the light play in the image for this post, on the bathroom ceiling. She wondered why there were two images, and why they were different colours. We knew they were formed by light bouncing off the shaving mirror, but it took us a few minutes to work out exactly what was going on.

It turned out that the lampshade on the hallway ceiling light had been knocked, thus shining a light onto the mirror. When it was corrected, the disc of yellow light disappeared.

There was still the blue light to fathom out. At first we thought it was coming from outside, but that didn’t really make sense. Finally we realised it was coming from the led light in my bedroom, which I usually have turned off.

This is exactly the kind of fleeting or chance moment that I find fascinating; a sort of Sliding Doors light synchronicity if you like!

Anything that engages curiosity and problem solving is a win in my book – it’s part of that ethos of adventuring right where you are, that I talked about in day two’s travel prompt.

Do you notice things like this? If not, why not make an effort to indulge in some light play this week? Let me know if you do.