Yeah, not so much this week Bob, not so much!

Today’s prompt is Friday night in.

Today is my birthday eve. I suppose I should be relaxing, winding down, preparing myself for the anniversary of another whizz around the sun.

Ah, if only! Instead I shall be working into the wee small hours, trying to beat technology before it beats me!

Then in the morning there’s a trip to the post office, followed by (hopefully) a quick dash into town to find something to wear that will fit my new, more matron like, frame! Because tomorrow night is my Friday night and I’m not stayimg in (oh dear, now I’m singing the theme tune to that Lee Mack and Tim Vine programme!) oh no, for tomorrow I am off out; out to the lands of the young folk, I won’t look remotely out of place – cue howls of laughter! Tomorrow I’m off to catch up with a lovely friend, whilst missing another. Off to enjoy a good sesh of loud, live music. If my old bones can keep me upright for the length of a gig that is.

So this week, I’m not so in love with Friday, Bob, but Saturday night’s alright, Elton.

If you have persevered through this little nonsensical ramble, well done! It seems perverse to hit the publish button on such drivel, but it gets me another BEDN challenge tick, so publish and be damned it is!