Hobo Chic

Today’s prompt is ….. [drumroll] …… style… oh how I laughed! When something puzzles or intrigues me, I go looking for quotes to help me fathom things out. Style is not a word that I tend to associate with myself, but these little nuggets (sort of) helped: ‘Style is a reflection of your attitude and […]

The Rebel Yell

Today’s BEDN is a hat tip to the rebellious Yorkshireman, Guido Fawkes, with the prompt being to talk about an act of rebellion we’ve committed. Honestly, there aren’t the hours in the day for me to contemplate this topic! I’m pretty sure that my first sound, as I came earth side, was a rebel yell. […]

An Apple A Day

‘Let food by tby medicine and medicine by they food.’ Today’s BEDN prompt is about health, and ways we keep ourselves healthy. Big topic! This is something that I could write reams about, on many different areas of health, but I have 20 minutes left in day so I will aim for brevity! The healthiest […]

Watch Out, She’s Listing Badly

I probably shouldn’t leave blogging until so late in the day, but I am finding it takes the edge of the ever present perfectionism streak. Today’s BEDN prompt is lists. And in my befuddled, been a long day, brain state, I’m just seeing the other meaning of listx, and it’s making me come over all […]

And All I Really Want Is Deliverance

I spotted this daily blogging challenge over on the instagram account of my friend Jax (liveotherwise everywhere that’s social!), and thought it might be the kick up the bum I need. My November is already pretty intense, so of course I’m going to add in a blogging challenge to ramp up the stress! To the […]