Lavender Fields – Insta Heaven, Sensory Hell.

Have you visited a lavender farm recently? If not, chances are, if you use Instagram, you’ll have seen at least one beautiful photo of someone standing in a field of lavender. Last summer I decided it would be fun to get some photos of me, in a lavender field, to use on this website. Yorkshire […]

Yogi Wisdom

I don’t know exactly how long I’ve been drinking Yogi Tea, but I do know it’s a long time. I suppose most people would read the little snippets of Yogi wisdom that are attached to the teabags, and then pop them in the compost when they’d finished their drink. Not me though. Oh no! Way […]

Poetic Problem Solving with Collage

Back in 2014 a friend reintroduced me to the joys of collage via the medium of vision pages. The premise is along the lines of a dreamboard,but using cut out words, not just images. This was an enlightening moment for me because, even though I’m a very visual thinker, vision boards had always left me […]

The Power of Story

What is the power of story? Let me take you on a little journey to explore some of the ways it shows itself. Who doesn’t love a good story? Our world is built on them; countless billions have been poured into creating stories on screen, with actors as the modern day bards, casting a spell […]