Soul‘s Hearth Inner Flame Binaural Beats Meditation

The Soul’s Hearth Inner Flame Binaural Beats Meditation is a lovely, relaxing way to connect to your inner spark. Designed as the first in a series of meditations to accompany ‘Sensing Magic – A Sensual Journey Through The Wheel of The Year’, Soul’s Hearth taps in to the spirit of Imbolc.  It takes you on […]

Reiki, Magic and the Senses – or how Reiki can blow up your life!

At the start of 2018 I finally took the plunge and did my Reiki Teacher training. Whilst shadowing a reiki 1 class, along with 4 other Reiki Masters, we had a discussion about how Reiki changes your life. All the masters agreed that it had had a profound impact on our lives, in unseen, and […]