Shinrin Yoku – How to Ease Your Mind in the Forest

How to ease your mind with Shinrin Yoku

In this article we’ll be exploring the many  wonders of Shinrin Yoku and discovering how to ease your mind in the forest. What Is Shinrin Yoku? Shinrin Yoku is the Japanese healing art of Forest Bathing. Forest Bathing doesn’t mean you need to go and find a bath to jump into in the middle of […]

Reiki, Magic and the Senses – or how Reiki can blow up your life!

At the start of 2018 I finally took the plunge and did my Reiki Teacher training. Whilst shadowing a reiki 1 class, along with 4 other Reiki Masters, we had a discussion about how Reiki changes your life. All the masters agreed that it had had a profound impact on our lives, in unseen, and […]