Food Memories – Why Are They So Evocative?

What’s your earliest food memory? What triggers it to come up to the surface – is it a smell? A flavour? A texture? How does it make you feel? Does it envelope you in a warm, fuzzy haze of memory, whisking you back to a time and place long since gone? Or does it make […]

Hundred Year Old Squirrel Medicine

Squirrel medicine wasn’t even remotely on my radar, but life has a funny way of spiraling around to make sure you’ve got the message. Take this weekend as a for instance… It was the 100th anniversary of my Grandad’s birth, sadly he died nearly 32 years ago, but the anniversary felt important to  me nonetheless. […]

The Violet Earthquake – What African Violets Can Teach Us About Blossoming

African violets are a plant that will forever remind me of my grandmother-in-law. She always had them filling her windowsills, in various stages of propagation. When she died, almost 20 years ago, the only things we wanted of Nan’s were: A little red plastic foot stool that she used to reach up into her cupboards, […]

Yawn Power

We all know, at least theoretically, how powerful our beliefs are. We’ve probably all had the experience of trying to break a habit, so have direct experience of how incredibly hard that can be. We all carry a set of internal beliefs about ourselves, most likely planted in childhood, that we find impossible to free […]