Life Tracking

Seasonal Life Tracking - tracking the 'soft data' of our lives, not just the metrics

What is life tracking? On the face of it, it’s pretty simple – you track elements of your life to help bring clarity, self encouragement and accountability. We’re quite used to tracking fitness data, whether it’s the simple use of a pedometer to track your steps, or electronic devices that track everything from sleep patterns […]

How to Express Your Sensations

When expressing how you’re feeling, I’ve realised that it’s key to state this in the purely personal tense. This avoids any reaction from others who might not feel how you do, and it opens the door to discussion about the different ways in which we all perceive the world. For instance: ‘I’m cold.’ As opposed […]

Poetic Problem Solving with Collage

Back in 2014 a friend reintroduced me to the joys of collage via the medium of vision pages. The premise is along the lines of a dreamboard,but using cut out words, not just images. This was an enlightening moment for me because, even though I’m a very visual thinker, vision boards had always left me […]

Sensory Travel

The prompt for today’s BEDN (blog every day in November) challenge is travel. This morning I properly laughed out loud at Chaos in Kent’s response to the prompt , do go and read it I guarantee giggles! But I did wonder how on earth I could possibly come up with anything even a fraction as […]

The Power of Story

What is the power of story? Let me take you on a little journey to explore some of the ways it shows itself. Who doesn’t love a good story? Our world is built on them; countless billions have been poured into creating stories on screen, with actors as the modern day bards, casting a spell […]