‘Let food by tby medicine and medicine by they food.’

Today’s BEDN prompt is about health, and ways we keep ourselves healthy. Big topic!

This is something that I could write reams about, on many different areas of health, but I have 20 minutes left in day so I will aim for brevity!

The healthiest I have been was when I was following a paleo diet. I was able to maintain a weight that was optimum for me, I had lots of energy, few aches and pains, and was just generally pretty fit and healthy.

Unfortunately, largely due to financial restrictions, ‘proper’ paleo went out of the window about 2 years ago, when I added potatoes and rice back in to my diet. Since then I’ve piled on tbe weight and am now nearing the heaviest I have ever been.

I try to compensate to a degree through the use of turmeric capsules, which do ease some of the joint pain I suffer (it’s noticeable when I forget to take them) along with CBD oil, and recently Copiaba essential oil for it’s super fast acting analgesic properties.

Ultimately I need to get back to paleo, as it is the thing that works best for me. That’s probably the best tip I would ever give anyone – find what works for you, it might not be what you think it will be, it might not be what others tell you it will be, the only way you’ll know what’s best is by really listening to your own body. And believing and trusting it enough to steer you in the right direction for you.

From a mental health perspective – EFT. I’ve not had a panic attack since I starting using it properly, and it cleared up tbe debilitating ptsd symptoms I’d suffered witb for a long time.

There! Short and sweet! I hope I have more time for tomorrow’s prompt, but I’m going with ‘done is done’ right now!