Visual acuity: 20:20 – the clarity or sharpness of vision.

2020 – the year of clear vision.

Has there ever been a more perfect metaphor for what so many of us hope this year will bring?

The other night I went to bed with a question on my mind. When I woke up the next morning, a word had replaced the question.

 That word was clarity. says that clarity means:

  1. the quality of being coherent and intelligible.
  2. the quality of transparency or purity.

This post is a response to that inner question and answer session.

As I was preparing the graphic for this post in Canva, this quote popped up:

‘Great design is eliminating all unnecessary details.’

~Minh D. Tran

Heh! Synchronicity or what?

With all of that in mind, the point of this blog post is to bring some ‘intelligible coherence’ to this website. Do let me know if you think I achieve that, won’t you?

The Sensory Coach is an idea that popped into my head just over 2 years ago. It was the perfect fit for everything I wanted (and still want) to do. It was the ideal umbrella for all of my passions. It would bring clarity to the seemingly disparate collection of skills and passions I want to share.

Whenever I meet someone in person and answer the question ‘What do you do?’ I see their eyes light up. They understand what my driving purpose is; they see the need for it in their own lives, and those of others they work with or know. I bring an element of reconsideration to their own experiences, which often ignites a spark of curiosity that is clearly visible in their expression.

What I want to achieve with The Sensory Coach obviously has clarity when expressed in real life, but perhaps this virtual life is less clear. Like trying to see through steamed up glasses perhaps?

I suspect part of the issue online is that I share the things I’m doing in a somewhat on the hoof fashion. 

Viewed through the lens of social media, I imagine that everything seems a bit of a jumbled up mess, with various arrows being shot out in seemingly random directions. That’s not the case at all; everything has a very clear, direct connection as far as I’m concerned.

However, I know I have a tendency to think that most people think in a similar way to me, but as a dear departed friend once said to me:

‘Tech, most people don’t think like you.

Looking at the social media accounts of other businesses, I realise that it’s common to have one key focus. There’s no confusion, there’s clarity around the key concept of the brand. Which is precisely what I envisaged The Sensory Coach would bring to my offerings. 

However, it’s come to my attention that, whilst to me it’s blindingly obvious what the connection between the science of sensory types, essential oil blends and chocolate making courses is, it’s all a bit random for most people. And if people can’t quickly see a connection, they’re left confused and move along to something that makes more sense…

Having given lots of thought about how to bring more clarity to the value The Sensory Coach can bring to my clients and customers, here are the 3 key points of connection; the filters through which everything I do has been put through:

  1. Science and the Senses
  2. Self Knowledge and Acceptance
  3. Joy and Pleasure


Supposedly, if you’re in business, you absolutely must have an elevator pitch. Meh. I have resisted this because a. I call them lifts not elevators (pedantic English woman at large) and b. because of my avoider tendencies when it comes to movement, I avoid lifts when ever possible.

In the interests of 20:20 in 2020 though I figured it was time to bite the bullet. Here then, for your delectation and delight, is my carefully crafted elevator pitch, as seen on a social media bio near you.

The Elevator Pitch

In a world where our senses are bombarded at every turn, I help people to understand the role of sensory connections in their lives, and the lives of those around them; bringing more compassion, empathy and delight to their every day existence, through a range of experiential sensory tools.

Hopefully that gets me closer to my goal of 20:20 in 2020. I’d love to know what you think – drop me a comment, or come and say hello via the social media links below.